The kind of lists I keep

I am a list maker. The lists are not particularly neat or organised. I tend to have one page per category. I jot things down as they come to me. I have an excellent long-term memory,  but fleeting thoughts during the day, and ideas that pop up when I am trying to sleep tend to disappear if I don’t write them down.

I don’t write anything in great detail. A word or two is sufficient to remind me.

Below are some examples of lists that I keep

  1. Gift list (I buy gifts throughout the year – whenever I find something that would be perfect for a loved one – squirrel them away, and forget I have them. So I keep a list of birthdays and what gift I have and for whom)
  2. Wish list (books I would like to read, television shows I would like to watch, shops/exhibitions/cafes etc that I would like to visit)
  3. Treat list (products I would like to try, little luxuries for when I have a bad day)
  4. Payday list (things I need to buy on payday. I usually do a big shop once a month where I buy things in bulk)
  5. Daily to dos (I fill it out on week on two pages calendar every Sunday and also every evening. This includes grocery shopping lists, preparation for meetings, things I need to remember each day)
  6. Longer term to dos (for example clothes to be mended or cleaned, work I need to have done around the house)
  7. Lesson ideas 
  8. Blog ideas
  9. Words to add to my Talking About Sweden book. I update it for re-printing twice a year. I  collect a few pages of new words and notes for amendments before I do any updates.

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  1. I love the “treat list”. Inspired to do one for myself now. 😊

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  2. I depend on lists myself but seem to regularly forget where I put the them.

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