Skriver Creek traveler’s notebooks


I have heard good things and seen lovely photos of items from Scriver Creek. Sadly, their website is very sparse, there are no interior photographs, or information on number of elastics etc. And they do not sell out of the US.

I really like the scallops and the colours, and from what I have seen, the leather is really nice.

If you do have one, would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Buyer beware, they have horrible customer service! The owner had publicly verbally attacked people. Worse experience ever dealing with them.
    Shocking and disappointing.


    • Sadly, I have been following Scallopgate from the beginning and have been contemplating deleting this post for a while. I cannot give apparent support to continued bad service and shoddy product. Thank you so much for this. I should replace this with a Back Away from the Scallops meme!


  2. I was just on their website and they do offer international shipping 🙂

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  3. Hi. I don’t have one of these notebooks, but here is a blog post with an unboxing:

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