CIBADO teal Echo bag


I am really a sucker for rustic, traditional leather (Van Der Spek Janet Leather is a typical example), and I love teal (my teal Speckled Fawns are testament to that) so this really ticks all the boxes. Find it here.

I love the type of leather that makes you think of saddles, boots, cowboys, the wide open range and fresh air!

This beautiful leather tote is entirely constructed by hand stitching. The decorative cross stitch is used to bring togeher the gussets and is also used to stitch on the front patch pocket. Vintage horse tack & hardware are repurposed into handles as well as the leather that is wrapped around the top. This bag is completely lined. One interior  can be added. Includes 1 interior patch pocket large enough to slip in your phone.

14-15″ Tall
14″ Wide
3″ gusset (depth)
Handle Drop 11″




And here is a blue one


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  1. The leather seems nice and the colours are beautiful. That teal is just gorgeous.

    But the big NO NO for me is the rust on the hardware. I know ithem is meant to be ‘vintage’ but do they know how dangerous rust is??? And l’much not alluding to the stains rust can leave on clothes.

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