Oh Fluffy I do love you so

Animal lovers will know that each and every one has a very distinct personality, just like people.

In Sweden I have had four cats


Tusse was very neurotic and moody. He was so easily offended that if you twitched a muscle while he was sleeping on your lap he would shoot off like you had shot him, and ignore you for hours.  He was a real character and when he was happy he was like a ray of sunshine – he could purr for hours. But his mood swung like a pendulum! He lived into his twenties.


Paddy was like a king. Right from the day he strutted imperiously out of his box when we brought him home at the age of three months, he walked around as though he had a crown on his head. He was loud (he bellowed and purred louder than any cat I have ever known and was constantly talking). He was also the biggest cat I have ever had. He was enormous! He lived to be 19.



Fluffy on the other hand reminds me of a round happy peasant down at the pub. As long as he has food and cuddles he is happy. Everything delights him, he is always in a good mood. He is fat and fluffy and to him the world is a wonderful place full of happy lovely things.

I don’t like heat so when it gets cold here in Sweden, I turn the radiators off at night and leave the bathroom window open. I love sleeping covered in blankets and in the morning I put on dressing gown and slippers.

Fluffy loves sleeping on my dressing gown. So when I go off to shower and get ready for work, he nests in my dressing gown and sleeps there all day. Some days (like this particular day) I put all my dressing gowns on the bed for him and he makes a huge nest of them.

For some reason, EVERYONE gave me dressing gowns for Christmas and my birthdays one year (not sure what that means?) so I have quite a few of them.

Here he is as I popped my head round the door to say goodbye to him as I left for work. He is purring, doing eye smiles (cats smile and kiss you by slowly opening and closing their eyes. If they totally close them it means they trust you implicitly) and kneading with his paws. It never fails to put me in a good mood.

Ziggy has not developed a fully-blown personality yet. Cats tend to settle into it as they age. I can say though, that he is the most relaxed cat I have ever had. It could be due to his bad start in life and that he is used to being handled,  but nothing bothers him. Not strangers, not the vet, not pain, being picked up, loud noises – nothing. He is always ready for a cuddle. When he sees food he starts kneading his paws he is so happy. Will keep you posted as he grows!



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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