Moved into Van Der Spek Red LV binder


I bought three binders in VDS’s LV leather a while back, because I knew the stock would not last forever, and I loved it.

According to the supplier (and this may or may not be true), it comes from a Famous French design house – Louis Vuitton. Big fashion houses often sell overruns or offcuts onwards. Dolce & Gabbano often do this with their leather, as do certain tanneries in Sweden. The leather has had a second hatch added to it, creating a crosshatch/saffiano effect and making it impossible to recognize or sell as LV leather. This is the same as labels being cut off or scored on seconds of designer clothing and accessories before selling them further. It is really tough, low maintenance and easy to clean.

I ordered the same design as my undyed leather binder, because that has worked really really well – so that is:

  • lots of horizontal credit card pockets front and back inside covers
  • ring protectors
  • 30mm rings in gold
  • fly leaf (in hindsight I should have bought a zipped one)
  • secretarial pockets front and back
  • full length back pocket
  • pen loop (in hindsight, I should have ordered two)

I received loads of updates of the production process:


















And here it is! I never change my setup much so all I tend to do is just lift everything off the rings of one binder and put it on the rings of the other binder. It is very boring but it works perfectly for me.

This leather is rather stiff so it will be interesting to see how it softens with use.







Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Two questions Janet! How flat do they lie from new? They don’t look bad on the photos. Also, do the credit card slots tend to split with so much use? I’m very careful with taking mine out of my wallet, mainly because I paid so much, as you have done, but cost doesn’t always guarantee quality!

    1. Hi Steve!

      That is as flat as they lie from new. About three quarters flat?

      I use my credit card slots intensively as my binder is my wallet. They never split or crack, but after about a year they stretch a little, as all leather does. I then just slip another card behind them.

      This leather is glorious and the red colour is perfect!

      1. No, sadly. I have had them for over a year but never used them as I was still testing the undyed binder and then I moved into my Janet Leather binder for a few months. First time I have used any of them was this week.

  2. I love the production peek photos!
    Question though: do you actually carry this many cards? Plus cards in the plastic inserts? Or are these business cards?
    I’ve drastically downsized my card carry to two bank cards l, library card and drivers license.
    All my loyalty/customer cards are scanned in an app and stored on my phone which I have always with me.
    I believe my planner/wallet lost a pound in weight ! LOL

    1. I have one debit card and three credit cards which are also loyalty cards. Then I have two coffee cards, one lunch card, three ID cards for different places I work at, a travel card and a driver’s licence. One good thing is now many places are doing away with loyalty cards and using your driver’s licence instead. So I carry fewer than I used to!

  3. Fascinating insight into the production process. Thanks, Janet. Nothing can beat bespoke products. No sweatshop there with a twelve year old sleeping under their machine.

  4. Hi Janet…I love your posts! Beautiful planners! If you ever want to part with the green one…say the word!!

  5. Janet I am so I n love with the red one. I see why you bought all three you are heck that’s lots of $$$. Then again we stationery hoarders have no bounds!!

  6. It is a lovely planner indeed! That red and the green are beautiful.
    If it is genuine LV leather you will have to check the corners regularly as that leather tends to get damaged there. I have two LV wallets made in this leather and both got terrible on all their corners. It is the flaw of this leather and LV had to aknowledge it as many customers brought back their items.
    Other than that it is a quite strong leather so the flat surfaces should not show scratches or dents too quickly.

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