Jane’s Enigma Tide Pool Twinsies in Wide

Here are my two Wide Size Tidepool traveler’s notebooks from JanesEnigma on Etsy.

I have written about them several times before.

Why do I love them? Mmm

  • the gorgeous thick, firm leather (about 9 oz)
  • the fantastic strong, quality elastics (four of them)
  • the beautiful beautiful dyed effect
  • the outstanding workmanship
  • the handmade Tomoe River insert with a gorgeous photograph by Cynthia on the front page
  • the plastic pouch insert
  • the beautiful silk bags that hold these works of art
  • the matching silk zipped purses holding coordinating washi tape to match the notebook
  • the coloured interior
  • the spectacular service from Cynthia
  • the price


The colours are absolutely stunning and so hard to capture in a photograph. They are a gorgeous meld of rich aqua and shifting shades of green. Each cover is unique. They really have to be seen to be believed. They are similar enough that you can have ‘sets’ but different enough that you really know each one is a work of art.

The leather is so nice and thick. I prefer thick leather and always have done, but it is so hard to find good thick leather on a TN cover. Most leather used for TN covers is about 4-5 oz, and this is 8-9 oz. The leather is absolutely top notch. There are variations in it but it is chosen to be an perfect surface for the dye.

The elastics are the best I have ever seen and felt in any notebook I have bought. I am not sure what it is – maybe they are the perfect tension and thickness

Plus they come with a handmade Tomoe River notebook, sewn rather than stapled, and with a clear front inside page featuring some of Cynthia’s work (she is a photographer). And there is also a plastic pouch included.

As an introductory offer, each order comes in a lovely silk padded drawstring pouch and with a teeny zipped silk pouch inside it containing a selection of washi tape samples, matched to the colour of the notebook. This added luxury made all the difference. For me, extra touches like these pouches and the quality elastics really made a difference.

Color: Tidepool

Fits inserts Size: Large Moleskine Cahier Notebooks, or similar product: 21cm x 13 cm or 8 1/4″x 5 1/8″

This listing is for a handcrafted leather Midori style traveler’s notebook. I have enjoyed creating this color palette which incorporates tones of sea glass, harbor rose, deep water and tidepools. Many enjoy using their traveler’s notebooks for artwork, planning, calendars, and more.

This Traveler’s Notebook is hand cut, dyed and finished by me from a lovely 8 to 9 oz. vegetable tanned leather. This is a stiff, smooth leather that becomes more supple with use. This notebook or planner is crafted with four interior elastics that hold paper inserts which are readily available through retail or other amazing Etsy crafters. It has a back elastic closure.

Your notebook purchase will come with one complementary insert that contains a small image from my “Wind and Water” print collection. (Your insert may not necessarily be the one pictured above, but it will be an image from that group, and one that complements the color planner you choose. The paper is unlined, and is a beautiful Tomoe River paper that many find suitable for fountain pens, as well as other writing instruments and art media.






IMG_8237 (1)

I use two of these because I have become accustomed to covers with 8 to 12 elastics (allowing 10 to 14 booklets). Because these covers have four elastics, I bought two and divide each week’s clients and to do lists into Monday to Wednesday in one book and Thursday to Saturday in the other book. It actually works well this way because the books are then lighter and slimmer to carry than if I stuffed everything into one fat book.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. Oh yes I am a total tramp when it comes to stationery! I use them for my client paperwork. One booklet per client, 6 per book. So one cover is Monday to Wednesday and the other one is Thursday to Saturday.

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