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I have been using Astalift beauty products since early 2013 and have no intention of changing, which is unheard of for me. No matter how good a product is, I usually get bored after a few months. Not with Astalift.


Astalift is made by Fujifilm, who responded very smartly to the sudden slump in demand for film developing by using the same technology in beauty products. It sounds gimmicky but I really like the products. They are non-greasy but keep my skin moisturised 24/7. With any other product, I wake up with a tight, dry face but not with these.

The package is a bit off-putting as it is rather in your face but you get used to it!

From the website:



‘Astalift is a registered trademark of Fujifilm Corporation. Since its foundation in 1934, Fujifilm has built up a wealth of advanced technologies in the field of photo imaging and in line with its ambitions to become a comprehensive Beauty and Health company, Fujifilm is now applying these technologies to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment in the Medical and Life Science fields.

Fujifilm’s Astalift range is a comprehensive anti-ageing skincare brand developed using cutting edge core technologies accumulated over many years of research and development in its core businesses. These distinctive technologies include the findings of its own collagen research, anti-oxidation technology and micro technology.’


I use the:

  • facial cleansing oil
  • foaming facial cleanser
  • Jelly Aquarysta
  • day cream
  • night cream
  • eye cream
  • face mask

I get them either from eBay (I have a favourite seller) or from






Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Thank you, Janet! So you don’t use the Astalift facial cleansers? Or DDML by Clinique to moisturize your skin? I thought l read that in a previous post but l must be wrong.
    Anyway if there was only one product you were allowed to keep in your routine, what would it be? I’m always curious about what cosmetics people use and love!

    1. I use Astalift cleansing oil and their foaming cleanser but I tend to have three or four shower gels, body lotions and cleansers on the go at any time and I switch them around so I don’t get bored. The only thing I never change is my eye makeup remover (Yves Rocher) or my moisturisers. However, in the summer when it is extremely hot I use Clinique Clarifying lotion 4 and their DDM+ as my skin gets very oily and even the Astalift is too heavy. I have loads of beauty products and I buy new ones all the time but I use them all up because I love pampering myself. It is such a relaxing, therapeutic part of my day. I love Caudalie, Nuxe, Lancome, Håkansson, Nivea body products, Clinique, Bioderma, Vichy. South Africa has some outstanding brands (Environ, Avroy Shlain, Justine, Nimue, Kalahari, Placecol, Africology) that I would use exclusively if they were easier to find in Europe. If I had to use one brand for the rest of my life it would be Environ. And one product for the rest of my life would be Environ Supermoisturiser.

      1. Thank you for your opinion, Janet. It is very inspiring to hear about products l don’t know. I feel like changing my routine now and again but for some reason l never do it. I love trying new products but always find reasons to go back to my habits. Weird isn’t it?

  2. Wow I am impressed, Janet! How many cleansing products do you use on a regular basis? I remember that you recently mentioned a few brands (Face, Nuxe and Clinique among orhers you love) of products you use. You must have a huge bethroom to stock up all these cosmetics.
    I wish l had more variety in my daily routine but l keep using the same brands to which l’ve been faithful for years.

    You’ll have to tell us which products/brand is your favourite. That’d be an interesting review as you seem to be using a lot so you must have a very accurate opinion.

    1. I tend to switch every few months. In the morning I wash my face in the shower and for that I use Cetaphil, Clarisonic (with the brush) or Clinique. In the evenings I use eye makeup remover and a wipe off cleaner such as Lancome Confort, Aromatherapy Associates Rose or Kerstin Florian Neroli. For my moisturiser I always use Astalift Day and Night Cream.

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