These TGR/Tiger pouches are so useful!


I love TGR/Tiger. They are cheap and, being Danish, the design is often really good. Naturally many of the things are cheap and cheerful and not something that you will hand down to your grandchildren but the turnover is high and there is always something new to brighten up your life.

I like their

  • daffodil soap
  • coathangers
  • cards
  • compact office sets (below) which come in tiny boxes. So nice for me for carrying in my bag for work.



  • pretzels and dried apple chips
  • apple juice
  • reading glasses
  • socks
  • storage solutions
  • notebooks
  • stationery



And I have about ten of these which I love to absolute bits:



When I travel it is always hard to find somewhere to put the small things that may be sharp or delicate

  • nail scissors
  • nail clippers
  • cuticle remover
  • cotton buds
  • hairclips
  • emery board

I also like cheap solutions for storing receipts, boarding passes, labels, guarantee slips, pens, paperclips etc when I travel.

These are perfect. There are four in three different sizes in each package and you can beat the hell out of them and then throw them away when you are done (though they are very durable).

They don’t have an online shop but there are Tiger/TGR shops in more and more countries now. The turnover is very high in the ones in Stockholm so it is always best to pounce if you find something you like because they never get them again. Have a look here at some of the products and prices


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I buy their big bags of herbs, spices and loose leaf tea, so good and so cheap. I cannot past a Tiger shops without a quick walk through.

    1. Me neither! There is one a few metres away from the underground platform so I always go in when I have a minute or two. I very seldom walk out empty handed!

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