Wouldn’t this make an amazing Traveler’s Notebook?



You could add couple of elastics in there and it would be a stunning traveler’s notebook. Or I guess you could order one without the tie and use it as a TN wallet insert, though it would be thicker than leather inserts usually are. I would add 2 elastics and I think it would be


Also by Aixa Sobin from LusciousLeatherNYC on Etsy. See my previous post about her here.

Every leather bag, briefcase, messenger, weekender, totes and journals is made completely by hand without machines glues or lining. I have a studio where I sew each piece by hand. I hand cut and hand punch and hand stitch everything. And I mean everything. Stitching one stitch at a time, with no shortcuts. 

Our philosophy is to sew everything twice and when necessary use double thread. So most of our products have four threads in each hole. I do that because I believe in making something well and durable, because what you make speaks for you and who you are. And what stays behind is your art and your craft and that’s what people will remember. 

And most importantly it feels good to make something well. When you buy an item from us you are guaranteed quality, durability, uniqueness and care. Our bags also have a small carbon foot print so they do not further damage the environment. We recycle leather, use farm leather when we can, re-purpose as much as possible, use no machines to punch or cut or sew. All done with human hands. 

We also use no patterns guaranteeing a truly one of a kind piece every single time.
We make what we design and we design what we make. If any item you buy from us has any issue with it due to wear and tear we will repair it for free forever no questions asked. 


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Epic is definitely the word for it. Punch a couple of holes at the top and a couple at the bottom, thread in some elastic band and your on! Excellent craftsmanship!

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