Curnow A5 Tomoe River Jumbo Notebooks


It is quite hard to find A5 Tomoe River paper that nicely fits the elastic of a traveler’s notebook. Nanami paper does a lovely bound one with 500 pages but the flat square spine and tight binding means that the TN elastic gaps the pages.

These are the Jumbo 128 page Tomoe River notebooks from Curnow Bookbinding & Leatherwork on Facebook. They come in sets of three and you can choose custom covers for each 3-pack from an enormous selection. I chose handwriting because I love the process of writing by hand. It looks like art as well.

Steve was wonderful to deal with – I did it via Facebook message from his page, but you can also email him.

See my previous post about these notebooks here

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  1. I love the Tomoe River paper! I think I need to get myself some of these. I miss using a Fauxdori but could never get on with the notebooks in the past. Hopefully this will suit me better

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  1. Different weights of Tomoe River paper – 52gms vs 68gms – Janet Carr @
  2. Under construction for me by Imperfectly Perfekt – Janet Carr @
  3. Lorenzo Dini Firenze Cat TN covers – it’s love! – Janet Carr @

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