No scheduling crises so far this week…

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Well, early tomorrow I will be meeting the client I turned up to see a week early last week!

As you can see I changed binders so am now in my custom Van Der Spek Janet Leather personal sized and that my organiser, as usual, is by my side. As I had hoped, the novelty of a new organiser has been great for raising my interest in using it all the time.

So far this week I have had one meeting move half an hour later, one move two hours earlier, one cancellation, one almost-cancellation, a political emergency, one lesson moved to next week and two new clients to slot into my schedule. However, no disasters….yet!

The most common cause of disaster is

  • when people change things via phone while I am screeching from one place to another and I forget to write the changes down.
  • or sometimes they write Thuesday in a text or email and I see Thursday but they mean Tuesday.
  • Times are sometimes also a problem when you say them aloud. In English ‘half eleven’ means 11.30. In Swedish it means 10.30.
  • Swedes have problems with 13th and 30th when you say them aloud. I, on the other hand, have problems with 8th and 18th in Swedish so it is always best to repeat it (preferably in both languages) to double check you are on the same page (literally, ha ha!).
  • I sometimes write a booking with no name next to it so I don’t know who I am meeting. Or else I just write a first name next to the booking. If I happen to have two or three students with the same name then I am not sure where or who it is.

The main thing that causes issues for me though, is


Hope all my readers are having a great week!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I always have a problem with the first one, when people confirm appointments while I’m driving or on the go. In some cases I try to ask them to send me an email/ text. If I’m not driving I’ll try to send myself a quick text or email so I remember to put it in.

  2. I sometimes write, beside the date, 8.30 … sadly I cannot remember what I am supposed to do at 8.30 – and whether it’s am or pm šŸ™

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