Personal sized TN starter kit


Two of these are on their way to me from PapergeekMy on Etsy.

1) 1 x Leather calender index sticker sheet *new!*
2) PVC zipper pouch
3) Kraft Card Organizer
4) Extra elastics (one yard, color chosen randomly)
5) 1 medium binder clip (color chosen randomly)
6) 1 small binder clip (color chosen randomly)
7) Teardrop clips 20 pcs (gold / silver / black, depends on availability)

I have a heavy duty duplex printer as I print booklets for my work, but unfortunately the measuring cutting, folding and printing required to make your own inserts not my métier. I prefer not to spend my limited spare time apoplectic with rage at my printer or myself!



Author: Janet Carr

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