Having a haircut

My hair is curly and grows like a weed. I tend to just have it cut when I have a moment between meetings. Sometimes a year goes by without me having a cut. Though this time the last cut I had had was in May, when 30cm was removed. Now, at the end of October, I had another 15cm removed. I don’t have colour in my hair and I have very few greys which is quite surprising.

I usually just wet it, shake it and go. But when I have it cut I have it blow-dried straight first and they then cut it dry. Swedes usually have poker-straight fine hair and most hairdressers cannot cut thick curly hair. They tend to cut too much off when it is wet, forgetting that it shrinks as it dries and curls. A disaster if you have a fringe/bangs!

Mine tends to split quite a lot at the bottom from all kinds of things I think, though you don’t notice it when it is curly. Wind, cold, being caught under collars, bag straps, coats and scarves. Combing when wet. Being tied up in a ponytail or bun (which I usually do) I should actually just cut it back up to my shoulders again.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Everytime I see a split end in my hair…I just give me ends a very quick blunt cut trim. I do it about maybe every two months or so. Not noticed so many since I gave up commercial shampoo

  2. Hello Janet!
    I think your hair deserves to stay long. There are a lot of ways to prevent further drying hair tips and it is not too much time you need. When I started to grow my hair longer than I always had it, the blog of haartraum.de helped me a lot, especially the beautiful hairdos there are.
    My hair is dark blond and meanwhile 1.20 m long and even though I am 58 years old I am happy to have such long hair and compliments reasure me that it is not a question of age to proudly wear a real long mane.
    Be proud to have such beautiful hair and just have fun leaving and wearing it long!

  3. If l were you l’d go for a shoulder length cut! It would suit you and also it would restaure those dry ends (split ends never stop unless you cut a certain length).

    As you know l have long hair too but once a year l cut it very short. Apart from being fun it fortifies my already thick hair and also every body says that l look much younger which is good for the ego!

  4. Sick to my stomach – your color is gorgeous!!!! lol – I gave up coloring mine – letting the greys come in I earned them! I can’t believe how long your hair is – do you have a charity where you can donate your hair (for wigs for childhood cancer)? Ours is entitled Locks of Love…. damn not one grey hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not one – and I am looking hardddddddd!!!!!! 🙂

    1. I donate my hair whenever I cut enough off to be able to be used to make wigs. They like it because my hair is not coloured. I guess that means they can treat and colour it to match someone else’s hair.

  5. You have beautiful hair Janet. It’s absolutely unreal that you don’t have to color it, the color is a lovely honey blond on my screen. I’ve been coloring my hair since about 30. If your hair grows so fast it wouldn’t hurt to get a shoulder cut for fun. You can’t go wrong with your hair and face!

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