Combination Ring binder/TN cover/Hobonichi cover by Glenda Slann

One of the shops that has, for a long time, been on my list to write an article about is Glenda Slann’s Etsy shop, bypaperflower. She makes lovely covers for both traveler’s notebooks and Hobonichi planners. I have also lusted after her stencil sets for quite a while. Plus she has an excellent reputation.

What kickstarted me to post about her and her shop today was a prototype Glenda has created for using rings, elastics and sleeves – that is Filofax-type organisers, Midori-type notebooks and Hobonichi planners – in the same cover!

Glenda tagged me because she knows I love undyed leather.

So, without further ado, here is this amazing prototype – at present in A5 but other sizes will be possible.

Glenda says:

I have been working on a hybrid Filo/Hobo/Dori – now you only need one cover for all your journals (well maybe not all). The wrap closure keeps everything secure and the internal elastics are hidden from view on the outside of the cover.

The first pic shows it used as a Midori style traveler’s notebook with a Hobonichi A5 Cousin size planner in the back pocket.


The second pic shows it with its removable rings and Filofax inserts.

Just a prototype at this stage – but what do you think?
This is A5 but could be made in personal size as well.

Glenda sent me the individual photos as well so here they come. First, as a Hobo/Dori cover






And next as a ring binder:






This is really groundbreaking!

Find Glenda on:

And here are some of her beauties (you can see why I love her work!)













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8 replies

  1. Wow! These look gorgeous! I don’t know which I like the best. My eye keeps going to that red and black one, though. Maybe that one’s the one I like…maybe. I like that turtle. Hmmm…

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  2. Truly I can’t type! That was ‘art’.

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  3. Truly works of aet! TFS!

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  4. Love the Alice in Wonderland! I’m IN!!! Perfect for those like me who simply cannot make up their minds, or like the cover and want a different function. This is positively brilliant!

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