Van Der Spek LV binders in red, yellow and green with matching Traveler’s Notebook cover

First came my three custom standard size Van Der Spek custom binders with 30mm gold rings, full length back wallet pocket, ring protectors and lots of credit card pockets (I use my binder as a wallet).

For these photos I have left in the VDS shipping padding so they have a nice shape for the photographs.




According to the supplier (and this may or may not be true), it comes from a Famous French design house – Louis Vuitton. Big fashion houses often sell overruns or offcuts onwards. Dolce & Gabbano often do this with their leather, as do certain tanneries in Sweden. The leather has had a second hatch added to it, creating a crosshatch/saffiano effect and making it impossible to recognize or sell as LV leather. This is the same as labels being cut off or scored on seconds of designer clothing and accessories before selling them further. It is really tough, low maintenance and easy to clean.

Then came the TN cover. With green on the outside, red lining and yellow pocket details. So that I can use it with any of my three binders. I tend to use a binder for my work in the field – bookings, notes and daily to dos. My TN I use for translation work, long term to dos and also when I travel. I generally use 6 books – one under each elastic with two extra joined with a Midori elastic and slipped under the other four. In addition I keep my pens in a clear Midori zipped pouch so everything is in one neat package.

You can find the TN covers here. These can be made in any of the almost 60 different leathers and in two designs. There is a Facebook group here if you need advice or inspiration. You may also be lucky enough to find one pre-loved in the VDS Facebook sales group.




I prefer closure elastics originating in the spine as there is less of a writing bump when in use.




The grand unveiling! This leather really is magnificent. It is soft but durable and does not mark.







This is the nice thing about Van Der Spek – you can design your TN cover to match or contrast with your binder. Same colour but different leather, or different colour but same leather. Or perhaps pick up the similarities with one feature like having the same colour pen loop on both. That way it is a set but not too matchy matchy.







Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello! Which notebooks do you use for TN cover? Wondering the dimensions. Thank you! Beautiful binders!

    Thank you!

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