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  1. Thank you for the update. Arthur you have a fan way across the globe, the Philippines. Hope you have a long happy life you deserve it! mmwah

    1. He and his human teammates do a lot of sport events for charity, and they have a foundation for abandoned and abused dogs in Ecuador. I heard his new dad being interviewed and asking if Arthur enjoyed the runs and swims for charity and he said ‘when we met Arthur he was starving, injured and full of maggots and he joined us on an endurance race, running for 20 hours at a time even though he lived on garbage scraps. He loves it, but we always go at his pace and if he wants to stop, we stop’. Arthur is really doing his bit and he loves it! Interestingly, they thought he was 7 but the vet says he is only 3 – what a hard life he must have lived.

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