A day at work for my VDS undyed – heading for 8 months

Today I tried to do something different from my normal ‘take photos on desk’ routine. As I worked today I photographed my binder at work but in different lights – both artificial and natural lighting and in sun and cloud.

The Swedish Parliament, where I work. The West Wing is to the left and the East Wing is to the right. They are joined by a Northern and a Southern Connecting walkway, seen above the arches.
The East Wing
The Bank Hall
The Bank Hall
The Committee on Finance room
The Committee room of the Committee on Finance
The Main Staircase
The Chair of the Speaker
View from The Northern Connecting Room. The orange building over the water is Rosenbad, where the Prime Minister works. His official residence, The Sagerska Palace is over the road from that but you cannot see it in the photograph.


Northern Connecting walkway looking at the East Wing
Northern Connecting Walkway looking towards the West Wing.
Having a latte in the Parliament Café – my binder is now a latte colour



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Your photos are facinating! I hate to fly so this was a wonderful mini vacay to Sweden for me, thank you!! I’m a bit jealous of your VDS’ travel “adventures”!

  2. I love the colour that binder is now as it’s so “worn in”. The binder’s little tour made me smile – it’s nice to see how it gets around throughout your day!

  3. What a lovely building, Ellen, a very pleasant environment to work in. The photos showing your up dyed VDs remind me of some young friends I have.mthey take a small stuffed monkey toy everywhere and photograph it in the different locations they visit. ‘Fluffie” has visited many parts of the U.K. a, Spain, the Caribbean, Germany. According to Jane, the owner, he prefers castles to visit. Her husband is a very tolerant man. Lol.

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