Strawberry Notebook Wide Oakly Notebook – A5 size

My second Oakly notebook from Diane at Strawberry Notebook on Etsy arrived yesterday. I was thrilled! It is the same thick juicy flexible leather as the Field Notes sized one I already have, and fits my Burde A5 notebooks perfectly. Diane thank you thank you thank you!

As I mentioned above, I have a Field Notes size one and I love the thick thick flexible leather. I am a leather snob and this is 9 oz leather of the best best quality. So now I have a matching pair.

I use my Filofax all the time during the busy periods. Why? Well firstly I use it as my wallet so I have it with me everywhere. Secondly I work from a pretty hectic shedule where I can be in up to 8 different places a day. I don’t know my schedule from one day to another so I need to have it with me all the time.

Over summer though I have fewer bookings and do more work in one place at my computer. I tend to translate huge documents, do necessary things around the house, sort through my wardrobe and all my books and work papers. So this kind of notebook cover is ideal for me because I can write more and have it beside me all the time. I don’t need to carry it everywhere. I tend to also use one of these when I travel over the summer – with itinerary details, shopping lists, opening times and web addresses.

For me, a thicker, wider cover with four elastics suits me WAY better than the Midori originals which are nice but, for me, too floppy and too small.

Diane is wonderful to deal with! I am writing a separate article on all the notebooks I have from her. Each one beautiful!

All this work was done by hand. Isn’t it beautiful? I have been using a smaller version of this one for about two months solid and it has not got a mark on it.
Back view. The elastic starts on the spine.


Such wonderful thick flexible leather. This is about 9oz




Here are the three from the same ‘range’. The standard sized flooring one (the work that went into this one was incredible), a field notes size and an A5 size.
The notebooks for the A5 came out of these plastic Burde TN type books. They have wonderful paper – each cover has two lined and one grid notebooks, made of gorgeous heavy cream paper with burgundy and grey lines.


Diane sent two of them in velvet pouches. They are full of fluff as they appear in this photograph though. The afternoon light in Sweden is pretty harsh. On the one pouch is something Diane sent me to keep the pages open on a book. I have always wanted something like this!
Also in the parcel were these gorgeous gorgeous gifts – some sweeties, stickers, notepaper, pens, a pen holder, a gorgeous lime green fountain pen, washi tape, stickers, a charm, two Midori refills, spare elastics in cobalt blue, green, turquoise and black, small tags and a wonderful Seyès ruled notebook from Clairefontaine. I love Seyès ruling! She also wrote me a wonderful handwritten letter.
2 refills - one Kraft paper (have always wanted one but never ever had one) and black paper.
2 refills – one Kraft paper (have always wanted one but never ever had one) and black paper.

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  1. These are spectacular!!!! Can I come and just play with all your planners/fauxbonichi’s/filofaxes/leathers??? I love all! You are such an enabler!!!!!!!! 🙂

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