Two Traveler’s Notebooks from Diane at Strawberry Notebook

These arrived today from Diane at Strawberry Notebook. I loved her previous traveler’s notebooks and just had to have the flooring one as it was a one off due to the vast amount of work that went into making it. Each and every part of the pattern was made by hand so it took weeks.

The leather on both of these is thick, juicy and flexible. I love thick stiff leather and am not really a fan of thin floppy leather. I absolutely love these!

The brown one is made of thick, soft and beautifully grained leather. It smells divine! The lovely green elastic comes from the spine in a beautiful neat arrangement.





The beauty below was described by Diane as:

I have created a very unique leather traveler’s notebook. This traveler’s notebook truly is a one of a kind. There is no other notebook that looks like this notebook, and there never will be another that looks exactly like this notebook. This notebook truly is a labor of love, painful, time consuming love. This notebook took me several weeks to complete. Please note the detail, in the photos provided. You can clearly see the individual wood boards, nails, wood knots, and hundreds of wood grain marks. This notebook was completely tooled and carved by hand. No stamps or additional tools were used to form repeated impressions onto the leather. The edges are burnished for a smooth, polished appearance.The leather is thick, yet pliable.

-4 Elastics
-Size: Narrow (Standard Midori)
-*ONE OF A KIND*- This notebook will not be part of the standard Strawberry Notebook collection






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  1. I really think this is the best midori-style I’ve seen, better by far than the original even. It’s beautiful yet so practical, a work of real leather craftsmanship.

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  1. Traveler’s Notebook for the summer | Janet Carr @

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