Black SpaceCase

I bought this SpaceCase in 1986 and have used it pretty much all the time since then – 29 years! It looks just about as good as new. They came in many different colours – I can remember trying to choose between teal, pink, white and yellow but went for classic black. Nowadays I wish I had chosen the neon pink.

The sad thing is, they have ‘upgraded’ this model to be more trendy and cool and they are not so well-made anymore. This one is thick plastic and wears like iron. I wish I could find another one.

Quite wide in order to fit 30cm rulers


Firm clip fastening with no bits sticking out and no parts to break


There is a slot at the front into which you slide your rulers


The top tray and a part of the interior lift out.


All the items I use most are in the top removable tray. I can take this with me to wherever I am working in the house. You can see I have a lot of lead pointers as I use 2mm 2H lead and the lead pointers I use to sharpen them get blunt very quickly. I buy lead pointers in bulk. 


This slides out in case you have a long item like a large pair of scissors, which would otherwise not fit.


Bottom tray holds stencils, other rulers and items used less often.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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