VDS Undyed Leather binder at almost 6 months


I undertook to test this binder for Van Der Spek for six months. I usually change binders every second week so staying in this binder would, I thought, be a challenge.

To my surprise I absolutely love being in it – it is perfectly designed for me and I cannot imagine using anything else. I will definitely be staying in it after the six months is up and that is something that has never happened before!

The colour is darkening much more quickly now than before because the sun and light are now back in Sweden and of course I have been handling it a lot. I use the hell out of my planners – they are with me all the time and I have to check them or write in them every five minutes or so at work. I also use them as wallets so that means they are used every time I buy something.

The leather now has patina and a gentle glow from being handled. I never ever treat any of my binders with any product and I do not buy any that have been treated so I have not used anything on this one. Although, in the interests of research, I may use some type of conditioning product somewhere unobtrusive – under the strap for example – before the six months is up.









photo 1

photo 2

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

5 thoughts

  1. Wow! This looks absolutely fabulous, like a creamy caramel fudge. The change in color it’s really considerable. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Keeps looking better and better, Janet!

    Just wish we could ‘fast forward’ this movie to about 24 months as I think it will be really looking fabulous by then……

    Like Josh, I’m tempted by this leather too….but then I’m still awaiting my current vdS binder orders….so, better be disciplined and wait for those binders first!….. 😉


  3. Janet;

    To be frank, I was not crazy about this binder at the beginning, but it now looks AMAZING and is SO compelling. I am suddenly tempted to order one for myself.

    And love the glimpses of that wonderful desk!

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