‘This Is What It Looks Like When Men Are Allowed To Take 480 Days Of Paternity Leave’

These photos are from an article in Buzzfeed about parental leave in Sweden which is extremely generous and includes both men and women (hence the term parental leave being used in Sweden rather than maternity leave which is more commonly used internationally).

My observation is that, despite men and women being able to share the parental leave equally, men still take less. Partly because many women really want to take more time with their babies and partly because men still earn more (yep, even in Sweden) so the father taking more parental leave means economic loss to the household. Something which many households cannot afford. Parental leave in Sweden is paid by the Social Insurance Agency and is at approximately 80% of monthly salary.

Women taking more parental leave results in lower pension a long way down the line, because the total income earned is lower.

These photos also tell you quite a bit about Sweden, apart from what is is like to be a father on parental leave. The Buzzfeed article (link above) is well worth reading.

Colours muted, decor minimal, double glazing, light coloured curtains, no lace curtains
Muted colours 
Muted colours, hipster style, communal laundry rooms where you can wear shoes
IKEA decor, urban living, lack of sunlight
Love of fish, muted colours
No shoes indoors, small living spaces, light wood or wood effect, uncluttered decor, no shoes indoors, powerful central heating


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