Update on Undyed Van Der Spek Binder – the 2½ month mark

Well I have been using this for two and a  months now. I use it daily. It goes everywhere with me and is my planner and wallet. It also holds my travel card. Because of my job, I refer to it every fifteen minutes or so when I am not in a meeting and when I am I write in it all the time as it holds my notes. I use it on the bus, in the supermarket, at lunch, in meetings, at home.

Swedish winter is very dark and we had 2 hours of sun in November so it has darkened somewhat from handling but probably would have darkened more if I were somewhere sunny and light!

So, it is a little darker as you can see from the comparison sample. There are some more scratches on it and it has finally got a pen mark on it. There are some smudges in these photographs which I am showing, but they disappear when you wipe them with a soft baby wipe.

The flyleaf originally showed most wear but the wear patterns have remained the same now after the initial few weeks.

I have not treated this leather in any way. The only moisturizing it has received has been from the oils on my hands and the only cleaning has been from a gentle sweep with a baby wipe. At some point I will try some leather conditioner on the inside of the strap but for now I want to see how it handles not being treated at all. I never usually treat any of my leather products.

I have also not tried to remove any scratches, smudges or smears, but instead have just left them as they are.

The rings, clasps, poppers, zip, stitching and slots are all absolutely perfect after intensive use for going on three months now.

One strange thing about this is that a) I use the pen loop, which has never ever happened to me before and b) I have no desire to change binders. I usually get bored after about three weeks but I cannot imagine moving out of this one.









Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Gorgeous looking binder, Janet!

    I’ve just learned about van der Spek binders today……guess I’m a bit slow…..but then I’m in USA…..so, besides the American companies we know Filofax….

    For comparison, I’ve had the Filofax Cuban, Finsbury, and Malden binders….overall, very nice binders, but did have issues with the Cuban strap edges as well as rings not fitting right on one of the other binders, but Filofax did exchange binders with me in each case….

    It sounds like you think very highly of van der Spek. Do you think they are as good as or better than Filofax ?

    Appreciate your thoughts….



    1. I think in terms of ring quality and durability they are way better than most of the new Filofaxes, even the more expensive ones. The Touch Mes are wonderful and then of course you have the custom design experience which you don’t get from Filofax. They are not mass produced and use Krause rings which are far superior than what Filofax are using today.

      1. Thank you for the comments……sounds pretty clear that they are excellent binders……

        Very tempted by the idea of getting a custom binder….although I will have to be patient if I decide to go that route….

  2. Hello Janet,
    Thank you very much for your answer. I’ll try the email-way to Petra van der Spek first…….
    Have a nice weekend!
    Best wishes,

  3. Like Natasha I would be more than interrested in just the same binder. It is made just the way I would love to have one, since it is the perfect solution between the touch me and the standard custom made. Is there any way to ‘get hold’ of one?

    1. You can order one directly from the Van Der Spek website http://www.vdsshop.com. It is fuchsia ostrich with purple nappa lining but you can choose whatever colour or inside layout you want. Alternately you can email Petra at website @ vdslederwaren.nl and ask her – let her know it is my binder you are interested in and she will know what you mean!

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