Filofax Personal Panama Pearl





This belonged to Rita S who sold it yesterday but allowed me to use her gorgeous photographs before it wings its way to the lucky new owner. I have always lusted after one of these but have tended to miss out on them – sometimes I am pipped at the post by $1, sometimes I forget about the auction (as I did yesterday), sometimes they go too high.

These are fairly delicate binders (though very well planned in terms of pocket constellation) but they are just too stunning and have gold hardware, which is pretty rare in Filofaxes. The colour combination of exterior of cream and lining of taupe is inspired. I have blogged several times before about the lack of winter white Filofaxes. I have an IvoryDeco which was a gift from someone special and it is one of my most precious binders. I have not used it and I probably never will because it is so pale and stunning, but I love it to bits.


Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Having being influenced by your posts and being a beginner I got a maroon one on ebay (from a German lady). I decided to use only coloured pages and today I noticed that the strap can take a large pencil, actually a kaweco brass 5.6.

    1. The Ivory Deco wouldn’t because of the coating and the surface – they are durable (I have used my brown/Ebony one a lot and it has fared very very well) but I imagine the Panama would need more careful handling. I hope to have one of my own one day so I can test that theory 😉

  2. I’ve got the Maroon Pocket, which I just moved into for the new year – my first time in a Pocket.

    The Panama has a lovely tactile feel – just a subtle amount of texture, with the usual Filofax suppleness to the leather. My only reservation is the back full-length pocket. I thought I wanted one, but now I’m not so sure as it makes such a sleek design a little bulky.

    One little-known feature – the strap is elasticated – it pulls forward to hook over the hardware. And FF was very generous with the strap – this binder can definitely be stuffed, both pockets and rings.

      1. I like them too. But I think because the Panama has the secretarial flap as an option for putting in oversize things, the full-length pocket doesn’t feel as necessary.

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