VDS Undyed Leather Binder – week 5½

This week I am going to focus more on the detail of the leather, because those who are following this series of posts have seen the design of the binder, how I have set it up, as well as it being used.

There has been very little change in the binder these past 10 days. Due to the fact that there is no sun and very little daylight in Sweden in mid-winter, there has been only minimal darkening. Once the sun comes back in March I expected the leather to darken to toasty brown and then toffee caramel pretty quickly.

The marks and scratches have not increased after the first few and it has proven to be extremely resilient to water and the contents of my handbag (which include keys, pens and a hairbrush). I am not rough and I do not abuse my leather items, but I am not precious with them either. My binders have to work for me, as a tool so there is no babying them at all.

I put a drop of water on the leather this week to show the alarming brown smears that form, soon to disappear completely.

Petra may or may not have mentioned this in the group but the undyed leather is now ready to order – she feels that people have had enough chance to see how it wears, marks and darkens.

Some darkening next to original undyed swatch (which is kept in darkness and untouched)


The flyleaf still shows most marking due to the pressure on it from my credit cards and the constant use it gets due to my keys and coins being kept in the zippered part.


Very very slight marking on the corners










After 3 minutes – not a mark. And I have put no treatment or protective products on it at all.


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