Exciting Announcement: VDS Undyed Leather Pilot Project Binder, Post 1

Well, as we all know, Petra and her parents listen to us. We wanted the Touch Mes back – we got them. We wanted bigger rings – we got them. We wanted wider binders – we got them. We wanted flyleaves – we got them. We wanted extra pen loops – we got them. And we wanted undyed leather – and we will probably be getting that too!

I have several undyed leather items – some Tigerklo notebook covers, covers for Midori notebooks, and a Hobonichi Techo cover – which I took with me to Rotterdam to show the Van Der Speks how they age and wear. The one thing with this kind of leather is that it does show wear easily. It darkens beautifully as it is exposed to light and the sun but every splotch, stain, bump and scuff shows.

Tigerklo covers (left), made at the same tannery as Louis Vuitton vachetta leather, and Zenok covers and pencil case (right)

While Steve and I were in Rotterdam the piece of undyed leather the Van Der Spek’s had ordered to see what it was like arrived, and I compared it to my other undyed items. It is exactly the same as the Hobonichi undyed leather and the undyed leather I had on my notebook covers. It looks pretty much like Vachetta leather (which I have on my Tigerklo covers) but only time will tell…..so….

I volunteered to test drive an undyed leather binder for a month or two before they went on general sale, and for a total of six months. I will record the wear pattern on my blog on a weekly basis so that everyone who is interested can see how this leather wears and also what they are getting into by buying this leather. I will take photos in the same place and the same light once a week and record the changes.

I was allowed to design the binder and I am glad about that because it allowed me to design a binder that I will actually use the same as I use all my others in my daily life. I will not baby it or treat it with anything or be any more careful than I usually am.

I designed it with a zipped flyleaf, 30mm rings, lots of credit card pockets and ring protectors. I wanted to have as many features as possible so that people wanting an undyed binder with the features could ask me how they wear over time.

These are photos of the binder being made so the leather seems to have come through the process unscathed. When I receive it I will take photos of it immediately, after I have set it up and then weekly to show any new marks and wear. I carry my binders in my handbags (which usually have black lining) and not in any pouch or dust bag because I refer to them so often and use them as a wallet.

So if this is a success, this leather will be available in early 2015. It is not available to order yet, though and this is just a pilot binder, so to speak. Petra has told me that the binder will be posted off today which means it should be here within a week to ten days, at which point I will set it up and we can be off!











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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Watching the process was truly amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Thank you for sharing. It is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy it.

  2. Very exciting. Outside of the gold croco (which I don’t think is ever going to happen for me) this is the only other VDS holding my attention. If this is like the LV leather it is going to age beautifully. However the LV bags with Vachetta bottoms that do not have feet are very difficult to keep stains off of. After the patina has really developed from the oils on your skin and exposure to sunlight the Vachetta is awesome and the stains add character. Very interested to see how this ages.

    1. Yes I think the first stains are always the hardest. It is the same as Mulberry leather – the more battered it is the more beautiful it is. It is just the first part that is the hardest.

  3. I can’t wait, Janet, to see how this ages over time! I will be stalking your blog and seeing the progress! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Me got a very busy day and just catch up to read this thoroughly, so fun!

    The binder is fab. I have no idea of a pilot binder but the particular one holds my attention. No idea of many leather name you mentioned but the charm for it, the wearing of time, the miracles come out, are simply my new discoveries for life…

    Love them!

  5. I so hope this ages like Vachetta. And I love the double secretarial with horizontal slots. VDS has been busy while I wasn’t paying attention 🙂

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