Van Der Spek Day: Custom Notebooks

Anyone who reads my blog knows I love notebooks. Particularly handbound ones. Mr Van Der Spek showed me some, in different sizes (I will write the sizes below) and told me Van Der Spek can make them with any leather. So you could buy a journal to match your binder. Or if you just like notebooks, they can be covered with any of the leathers that can be used on the outside of a binder. Imagine a pink ostrich one? If you prefer a refillable notebook cover you could probably ask for one of those instead. That way you could use your own notebook. The notebooks are made using standard uncased book blocks in three sizes. You can choose lined or unlined in all sizes except A4 which only comes unlined.

I watched mine being made from start to finish. I chose the same saddle leather as my custom binders, asked if I could have an extra thick book (I could – two book blocks were put together together), chose the clasp and then watched it being made by Mr Van Der Spek! It is gorgeous! It was such a privilege to watch him make it. The leather is just glorious.

The thick saddle leather I wanted for my book



Mr Van Der Spek making my notebook. He did it himself from start to finish. The block at the bottom of the photo is what he used to keep the books flat when he glued two together to form one this book
A better view.


The final product
Handmade by Mr Van Der Spek from start to finish






Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Oh my, something else for the wish list. That is gorgeous. Only downside would be deciding on the leather.

  2. This looks amazing!!
    Is the leather of your notebook much lighter than the gillio-leather? and may I ask what the notebooks cost?

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