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There is a superstition in Sweden about putting your keys on the table. I am not sure why, but many people are a bit spooked if you do. I have a bad habit of doing it. During meetings I move between my office and the conference room, so I like to have my keys to hand so I can get into my office quickly. When I forget about the superstition and put the keys on the table, Swedes often go ‘ehhhhhh’. When I use this keyring and key they usually go ‘ehhhh….ooooh that’s pretty!’

The keyring is from a Cath Kidston sale a few years ago and the key is from the local locksmith. He has so many different motifs but my keys usually depict cats or bugs. This keyring is very easy to spot in my bag and always cheers me up.

Does any other country have a similar superstition to do with keys?


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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. My Mother always told us putting shoes on a bed is bad luck. To this day i refrain from doing so, even with new shoes in a box. My Mom was from USA. But…..she also told us not to sit on the floor or we Would get. worms…..

  2. I thought the new shoes on a table superstition was Italian? My Sicilian great grandmother had a long list of superstitions.

    My Polish friends have added a few more to my knowledge:
    1. Don’t rock an empty rocking chair – will cause someone in the family to die.
    2. Don’t let something come between you when you walk with your significant other – pass around the item on the same side, not around it on either side. Or you and the person will be parted.

  3. I’ve never heard about keys on the table, but in England we have a superstition about not putting new shoes on the table.

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