Grey Zipped Pennybridge Compact

This one is the same design at the Malden zipped compact but in faux leather and at a much lower price point. I am not sure if all the Pennybridges have the same texture but all the ones I have seen are soft and kind of puffy. They look like a Metropol in photographs but the pleather is squishy.

I got this one to ‘test-drive’ the model, because the Malden version is so much pricier and I also did not know whether I could find the navy blue Malden one I wanted.

I carry a lot of cards and so the numerous card slots are perfect. This binder would be great as a travel wallet as well, because I don’t need full inserts when traveling, and the compact rings will handle what I need. Actually to be totally honest, I always carry way more things than I need in my work binder, so I could quite easily downsize for daily use as well. All I need is week on two pages for two months ahead, some notepaper and some space for plastic sleeves and credit card holders (although with the number of slots included in this binder, that may be unnecessary)

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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Hi Janet, there’s a place in Hungary that carries the compact navy zip Malden. The shop is Global Office Solutions – The navy compact zip is 73,00 euros. I don’t know if that’s a good price or not, but I ordered the pocket zip in navy and will get it next week. This store has lots of Filofaxes.

    I always enjoy your posts and blogs! 🙂

    1. Thank you so very much and thank you for the tip Nancy! Yes I know Global Office Solutions and we have ordered from them before – wonderful service! My daughter got a gorgeous Orange A5 Osterley. Sadly for me, the Navy Blue Malden is €93 as I have to pay VAT and then shipping on top of that, so I bought one locally for the €93. But hopefully someone outside the EU will see this comment and buy that beauty!

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