Navy Blue Filofax Malden Pennybridge Zipped Compact

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I have quite a few Maldens, but for me I have not felt the love that everyone else has for this binder. I love my grey A5 but it is too floppy for me to use in the field as I have to balance my binders on my knees. And I adore my black personal as it is so tough with a course stiff feel and coarse texture. But the frenzy over the Vintage Pink and the Aqua I have never understood. I know so many people love them and I am so glad they do but for me the pink is not pink enough and the aqua is more jade than anything else.

Anyway, that is why I am so suprised at my love for the navy blue compact zipped – it is a pretty colour and nice and structured so it does not flop all over the place. It has a brilliant wallet layout (like the Pennybridge) but with some of the credit card pockets being leather. It is also light.


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Author: Janet Carr

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      1. Thanks for saving it for me Janet, but sorry I’m no longer interested coz I bought an ochre malden zip and actually prefer this color. So Anna can have it 🙂

  1. Hi, do you still have this navy malden compact zip? If you do, would you be willing to sell it? The blue is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for it everywhere

  2. Dumb question…. Where can this be purchased? I did a search, did not find much. I am looking for something exactly like this or very similar to the ones in your other blog post using it as a wallet. Thanks!

  3. Janet, I wonder if you could fit a family of four’s passports in it? I could see this coming in handy….

    1. Maybe in the back slip pocket but four passports are quite bulky. I have four passports and there are not many holders which can take that many – which is a pity as many people travel as families or groups.

  4. I’ve been tempted to try one of these. What’s held me back is that I have (and dislike) the Ikat. Which has nearly the same layout. My two pet peeves are:

    1. the pockets are too deep – cards slide where you can’t see them
    2. you can’t actually keep a pen in it. FF didn’t really leave enough room for the pen with inserts.

    The Ikat has removeable, offset rings. The Malden zip has the rings attached in the middle. So I suspect problem 2 is gone, but several Pennybridge owners have commented on the deep pockets, so I suspect problem 1 is still there.

  5. I’ve always thought one of these would be great for travelling. All your tickets, passport, currency, timetables, Filofax plans/ notes etc. all together – zipped and secure (unless you lost it!)

    1. It is really nice and would be brilliant for that, Tim. I have a Bromley travel wallet and that is very nice, though it only takes a few Filofax pages at a time, fastened on press studs.

    2. I bought this planner for just that reason. It’s great and has room for everything. Tickets, travel insurance cards, currency, travel journal, travel plans. Everything you need with you. And the pocket on the back is super to store boarding cards or tickets for quick access. Well worth it.

  6. Janet, how did I ever miss these?? This would be almost more perfect for my wallet set up – though I have a pocket Malden I use for that. I agree – I did not like the Vintage Pink and I did have the Aqua in my hands but it wasn’t the color I was hoping for. So far my grey A5 has stolen my heart!

  7. I can’t seem to get on with using any Filofax as a wallet – I tried the Pennybridge for a couple of weeks, and then a compact Calypso, but I wasn’t struck. I returned to my Kipling wallet/purse and am happy with that – it’s much lighter.

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