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I will take photographs and do articles on each of these when time permits. They were a bit dusty from being boxed up for so long, so I gave them a gentle wipe with a moist towelette which is why they look a bit two-toned in the photos.

  1. Personal size Journey in pink – this was renamed the Pennybridge in Sweden but this is an older version. I have always wanted a pocket sized one in grey as they are lovely and not bulky at all.
  2. Red Teacher’s Filofax – this one I have been meaning to feature for a while as so many people ask me about it. It is a dedicated Filofax created for Swedish teachers. The inserts are all customized for teachers – attendance registers, class lists, inventive ruler-type class lists which means you do not need to write your class lists out more than once, project sheets, timetable sheets and so son.
  3. Brown Almanacksförlaget leather slimline.
  4. Grey Big Ben Wallet + Filofax in pocket size. Also by Almanacksförlaget.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. London Big Ben is amazing! I would love to own that! Wow! Also have a “thing” about the Eiffel Tower in Paris and anything to do with pics of Venice, Italy!

  2. I was excited cos I thought the London one was a new one. Actually, I thought they all were. You have such a great collection. 🙂

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