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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It’s gorgeous! I saw one owned by Yvonne recently, these are so much nicer in person than they are in pictures. The feel is marvelous. And the heft feels great too, although perhaps a bit much to tote everywhere.

  2. Hi Janet, Where did you get the week on two pages (vertical with times) calendar insert? I’m dying to know. (I left this same comment in the Gillio Facebook group becauseI’m just that curious.) TIA

      1. Thanks, Janet. Do you know if they are available for outside-of-Sweden deliveries? I’ve never been able to find vertical WO2P inserts for personal size planners! Your blog is a great source of information to me 🙂

      2. Filofax make a week on two pages vertical insert for personal size but that one only has the times on Mondays, not every day like the burde ones. Those ones should be easy to find. Burde I am not sure. I would buy you a set and post them if I can find them this late in the year. Would you like me to have a look the next time I am in town? Janet

      3. Hi Janet, thank you so much for the offer but there is just no way I could impose something like that on anyone! I have been in touch with Burde though and they recommended a Swedish retailer that said they would ship to UK for a little extra in postage costs. I do appreciate your offer so much though. You are very kind 🙂 Thanks again.

      4. Oh I am so glad you are sorted! Nice to know they deliver to the UK. And it is no problem at all. I often buy things for my readers and send them on. I even buy things on auction on eBay Sweden for people. So keep that in mind. It is only a pleasure 🙂 I am featuring another Burde product on my blog today actually – a rather nice notebook.

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