Surplus calendar pages from last year

Yesterday I went through various binders and boxes where my inserts are stored and took out all the outdated calendar pages. Look at the pile!

photo 1

photo 2

Most new binders I buy come with a full year of calendar inserts. I only use Week on Two Page vertical lined inserts and I prefer the Swedish ones as they have all the public holidays on them and with my job I need to know that so I tend to use only the Swedish inserts. I often use two sets of calendar inserts at the same time because my days change so much that sometimes I have to rewrite everything just to be able to read them.

These are the kind of refills I like and this is how they often end up looking. Once I no longer know what the hell is going on I have to rewrite them.

These are the kind of refills I like and this is how they often end up looking. Once I no longer know what the hell is going on I have to rewrite them.

So the others, sadly are mostly wasted. I use as many as possible for daily to dos but there is usually a pile that has to go into the recycling bin.

Does anyone else have this problem? And how do you solve it?

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  1. For my daily A5 pages in my daytimer I cut the top part off (the section that shows the day/date) and use the bottom 2/3’s of the page for notes or scrap paper.


  2. I flip them upside down (so the date is at the bottom of the page) and use them for notepaper for other sections. It makes it much easier to jot something down and just rip it out to give to someone else, too.


  3. I use my old wo2p vertical as paper for lists, I cut them up into strips. I also use them for art journalling as part of the background.


  4. I keep unused pages from different sizes and layouts so that if I am thinking of changing my diary pages, I have old ones to try out before spending money on new inserts. The unused pages are also useful for trying out pens and highlighters to see if the ink bleeds through the paper.


  5. I use them for scrap paper. I put afew in my notes section and then scribble stuff on the which I then transfer neatly to the appropriate section later.


  6. I was hoping this would be a post full of great ideas of what to do with those unused diary pages! I have a big pile of them too, hate to waste them but I don’t know what else to use them for.


  7. I was saving mine for when the years came back around, but for 2013 I had 5 (YES FIVE) of them, and I finally gave up and put them in the bin. :/ I don’t have a solution beyond scrap paper, because they’re pure clutter and it drives me nuts!


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