Who thought this would become a rarity – a Filofax box

Box for 85th Eton Personal Organiser and Wallet
Box for 85th Eton Personal Organiser and Wallet

It is quite sad that Filofax no longer ships binders in boxes. My latest purchases from Filofax UK and Filofax Sweden have been sent in flimsy Jiffy padded envelopes with no other protection. No bubble wrap, no cardboard and definitely no box. For a brand that places itself on the higher end of the spectrum it is quite sad. It does save on shipping costs but does not quite give the air of quality that a box represents. Not to mention that, while reducing shipping costs, it must increase the likelihood of binder and ring damage. Just imagine heavy parcels being dropped on that Jiffy bag. Or someone accidentally stepping on it…

For those of us who collect, a box really makes a difference, enabling us to store binders properly.

One of the exceptions to this rule is agendasshop.com, who also trade as bouteia on eBay. All their purchases come with a box and it makes such a difference. Opening a box is such a wonderful experience. Especially when there is tissue paper inside, giving just a tantalising glimpse of the treasures within…

Who knows – maybe the boxes themselves will become collectible?

photo 2
Filofax sleeves – made of thick cardboard with foam padded interior
photo 3
Rather blurry (sorry) photo of various Filofax boxes
Filofax Rose Classic peeping through crisp tissue paper
Ivory Deco released from its tissuey nest
Filofax Buttercup Ostrich in its felt embrace
Filofax Temperley in Violet – these came in a specially embossed box
Temperley Box
Temperley Box

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  1. And have shipping charges been reduced to reflect this cheaper postage? No, they haven’t. When you’re paying for something that’s supposed to be a quality, high-end, item – such as a Filofax – you want the item to STAY quality and high-end, not get destroyed before it ever reaches you! I’m curious to know how many organisers will need to be returned owing to damage sustained by insufficient packaging.

  2. Damage in shipping is the reason I very rarely buy anything on line. I prefer seeing and handling and carrying home what I’m buying, and it permits me to trade in cash! Isn’t that novel? Cash money, which in some instances is a challenge for the store clerks. It’s always worked for me.

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