A Filofax Mash-Up

If I could create my own FrankenFilofax it would have:

  • The 35mm rings of a Van Der Spek A5
  • The 30mm rings of a Cavendish
  • The gold rings of a Siena
  • The colour of a Teal Baroque
  • The durable leather of a Belmont
  • The inside embossing of a Baroque
  • The zipper pull of a Siena
  • The inside zipped pocket of a Malden
  • The lightness of a Domino
  • The strength of a Metropol
  • The stitching of a Belmont
  • The leather lining of a Siena
  • The inside pocket configuration of the Belmont
  • The clasp of a Deco
  • The layout of the Buttercup Ostrich
  • The full length back wallet pocket of most Gillios, some Filofax Balmorals and several pocket size Filofaxes.

What would YOUR Frankenfilo look like? I am dying to know!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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