HOTD #37 – Black Pierre Balmain, Style 502724 from TKMaxx


This is a real bargain from TKMaxx – a very Balenciaga Lariat/City/Le Dix-alike bag in thick soft black leather with gold hardware. Very spacious and has a detachable shoulder strap and shorter handles. Was available and online in store at High Street Kensington. Once I got my sweaty hands on it, I was done for!

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.48.50 PM


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.46.46 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.47.51 PM

They also had this bag in the High Street Kensington branch – it has a very Chanel-inspired chain strap and quilting but Balenciaga-type hardware and buckles. There was only one and it is still there.  It is far too small for me but is a stunning bag – still available online for two and three times the £129 it costs at TKMaxx. The strap looks silvery in the photos but it is actually the same gold as the rest of the hardware.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.46.52 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.46.34 PM Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 4.46.42 PM 10269875_1401232_1000 10269875_1401236_1000

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