Filofax Personal Vintage Pink Malden

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This a personal sized Vintage Pink Malden which I won on Tradera, a Swedish auction site, for one of my readers. Later today it will be winging its way to the US so I wanted to check the rings (which are perfect) and repack it for the long journey to its new owner.

This is a gorgeous binder and in fantastic condition!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

14 thoughts

  1. What a lovely thing to do 🙂

    I’m going to be haunting eBay to see if I can find the Malden Personal in Crimson. I keep tossing between the Malden and Holborn, but when I saw the Malden in Crimson I fell in love.

  2. She is absolutely perfect! I am so jealous! I hope I can get my hands on one of these soon 🙂 You are so awesome to help U.S. Malden lovers achieve their Malden dreams 🙂

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