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I mentioned in my previous post that I have some good news coming up. Well:

First some background. As my readers know, I have been lucky enough to win two limited edition anniversary Filofaxes on eBay recently. One a very rare boxed Grace Scurr 75th anniversary Filofax and the other a boxed personal Eton and wallet 85th anniversary Filofax. I received the items very quickly and communication was excellent.

When I saw that the seller had many more very interesting Filofaxes for sale I wrote and asked if he or she was a collector. I found out that he had recently taken over the Benelux Filofax company and was selling old stock. So that meant the items for sale ranged from rare to vintage to discontinued – all brand new.

I bought a third Filofax from the same seller.  It turned out that it had mistakenly been listed as a Bromley but was actually a Piccadilly, so the lovely Christophe offered me a refund or a replacement – a (hold on to your chairs) brand new Personal Baroque which he knew I was wanting, for the same price I had paid for the Bromley (£25). I was so pleased at this. What service! It’s not often a seller remembers items you are looking for.

Anyway, we got talking (well actually I think I babbled on like a lunatic about Filofaxes and Philofaxy) and found out that Christophe recently joined the Philofaxy community. Once the English version of his online shop is up and running he is going to offer my readers and Philofaxy readers/members a very special discount. Keep your eyes peeled – I will update here as soon as it is up and running and post in the Philofaxy group as well. It should be in early to mid December, which is just in time for Christmas and New Year.

Several Philofaxy members have already purchased from and have had good buying experiences. You may have seen the little gold keychain someone received as an unexpected gift with purchase – that was from this shop. I can vouch for both online and eBay purchases. Christophe will also be very happy to have us Philofaxers visit his showroom if we are in his area once he is properly up and running.

While we wait for the discount, I have found out that there are many more rare, discontinued and vintage models coming up on his eBay shop, so bookmark Bouteia and keep checking for new listings!

Some items that I know will be coming up very, very soon (in several sizes and colours)

  • Maldens (including Vintage Pink, Crimson, Purple and Grey),
  • Sienas
  • Decos
  • Holborns
  • Ink Cubans
  • Tejuses (three or four different colours and two sizes)
  • Imperial Purple Finchleys
  • Dominos (including Orange, Aqua, Violet, Pink and Snake)
  • Finsburys (including Tangerine and Teal)
  • Metropols (incluing Orange and Olive)
  • some really nice A4s

and then a short while later, older models such as

  • Dundee
  • Buckingham
  • Cavendish
  • Hamilton
  • Berkeley
  • Chelsea
  • Sandhurst
  • Richmond
  • Piccadilly (including green)
  • Balmoral

If you have not used eBay before, I have written some tips here to help you.

I should mention here that I am not affiliated with this shop or its owners. I am not being paid for this (just as I am never paid for any of the recommendations I make).  If I bid on an item I will bid just like anyone else.

I am writing this because I have had some bad experiences on eBay lately and I know other sellers and buyers in my circle have too. Non-paying buyers, people selling items not as described, bad communication, giving negative feedback without reason, stealing other people’s photographs to use on their auctions – all this has happened in the Philofaxy community over the last few days. I have also seen that many people are desperate for certain models. So I wanted to let you know about a good seller out there – one with great stock that I can recommend.

I am not sure exactly when the next batch of Filofaxes will go up but check over the next day or so.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hallo wenn jemand einen Baroque verkauft ich suche schon seit Jahren einen der möge sich bitte bei mir melden ich würde fast alles dafür geben.

  2. wow this is rather awesome.. sorry i know that im repling like 2 years too late. but i just got into filofaxes and im wondering if they still have any finchleys in the A5 size remaining… im thinking in imperial purple or mustard. would be great if you still have the contact so that i can ask them at all? Cheers

    1. You can go to the Bouteia link I have put in the article and send them a question to find out what they have. They do regularly get in New Old Stock so all is possible. Good luck!

    1. You can go to bouteia on eBay and see what they have at any given time, or you can contact them and ask them if they have what you are looking for squirrelled away in their boxes. Good luck!

  3. I wonder if he’ll turn up a pink personal baroque (or nineteen, reading other posts here!)? I guess one can hope lol

  4. Does it sound bad if I said I would sell my first born to get my hands on a Malden?….. I’ve had the biggest green eyes ever reading all the filo blogs.

  5. I purchased a WIndsor Filofax at the Harvard Coop in Nov. of 1994, and I’ve toted it around almost everyday. It’s travelled the world with me. The pen loop is more duct tape than leather but it still holds the same mini pen that it has since day 1. I guess the Windsor must have been discontinued ages ago because I never see any mention of it, and I wonder why its demise? Your list of models prompted my wonder.

  6. Thank you so much for this information Janet, and thanks to Christophe for making these available (and for joining the Philofaxy community). This is great news! 🙂

  7. And I will be keeping an eye out for a Baroque…you never know, he might find one hidden in a deep dark corner — I can wish 🙂

    1. Yes, you never know! I didn’t think I would ever have one and voila! he found one for me. The nicest thing is he remembered that I wanted one. Not many sellers do that.

  8. Squeee! I may have to put a save search on his page for the Cavendish – I had the opportunity to buy one a few years ago and passed – I’ve been kicking myself ever since! The simplicity and 30mm rings would be amazing!!!

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