Post No. 4 for The Travel Project

Katie is back today with her fourth post for The Travel Project!

Using the pocket mode has been really great for my expedition planning so far. In here I can get to specific sections and information quickly, without having to trail through a normal notebook looking for the right page! 
The thing I have been using the most is my to-do pages. Each week I have a lecture for this module, and during that I will write down any points that need doing. I date each bit, and then add a block line between each date. (As you can see below!) This is working well, as I can see all the to-do points at a glance, and I can still tick them off whenever they are done, even if I first wrote it the week before! Some things don’t need to be done straight away.
Another ‘new’ thing is my notepaper. I bought some pocket notepaper from WHSmiths, simply because I’m a poor student and this paper is cheaper than the Filofax one! The paper, despite being white instead of the cream colour, fits in well. It’s the right size, it has nice line spacing for me and it seems to be pretty thick and good to write on both sides! 
We’re starting to plan fundraising, and really we need to look for some sponsorship or help with travel/kit/accommodation etc costs! As we’re planning a trip to Finland, we’d really like to get some help towards snow kit – we’ll need boots, trousers and a jacket suitable for very cold conditions! Once I start contacting places, I will be writing the information down here! 
As we’re planning this a group, we need to make sure that we’re all working together and putting equal effort into it. We decided to create a folder for our group information, and on the work that we write/print and place into the folder, we will stick our own coloured dot! This will ensure that everyone gets a good mark, and has proof of the work they have done throughout the planning and the expedition. I’ve stuck a few in the back of my filofax for easy access! 
So far, it is working pretty well for me! I can see that this filofax will be very useful when I actually embark on the expedition, as it will hold all information in there!

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