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Caroline is back today with her final post for The Lifestyle Project. How are we at all of these final posts already? I still feel like the project just started!

Hi everyone! This is my final post for the Lifestyle Project!

I thought I would go over the other things I use in conjunction with my Ordning Och Reda and share with you a few developments as well!

From top to bottom these are my Specific Journal, my Everyday Journal, and the giant folder I received from the clinic which holds all the programme notes. I should of also included a picture of the giant pile of books I have to get through from the recommended reading list but I’m sure you can use your imagination!

The Specific Journal is a cheap spiral bound notebook from Staples that I collaged over. Sometimes I find it’s easier to use something cheap and not special, otherwise I get scared of ruining it with my untidy scrawl. I use this journal mainly when I am working on myself with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or working through a specific issue that I have uncovered through meditation. I also use it in conjunction with my course notes when I feel I really need to learn a specific technique. The notebook is numbered and cross referenced in my Index section of my binder. This way I get the comforting permanence of a bound notebook alongside the practicality of ringbound. Best of both worlds!

The second notebook is just so beautiful I think I may need to go and buy a back up copy! It’s from Paperchase and the paper is amazing. I use this one at the moment to record my food, and how I feel throughout the day. I like to make note of anything that has come up after yoga and meditation. I tend to use two pages per day. I wish I could show you but it’s all rather too personal!

When I started this project I told J I would probably create my own forms. Well I finally got round to it! I have designed a lot of pages. Some for my Ordning Och Reda, and some that I plan to use in an Arc system once I save up for the punch.

First up, I designed monthly calendars for November and December. I need to do 2014 too!

2 3
I designed the calendar to fit on one page, so I can use the facing page for goals. I plan on using this to record which tools I use everyday, like I explained in my previous post. I really don’t need much more space than this as I’m just using colour coded dots. I’m going to use the facing page to write some goals and to do’s for the month, and then transfer some tasks into my regular planner. So I have basically removed all daily planning from this binder as it was just overkill.

Then I have pages for after the month entitled ‘Achievements’ and ‘Lessons.’ Sort of like a review.

4 5
Next up are the pages I have designed to replace my Everyday Journal. I want to use the Arc system for this because I like to draw and scribble on my daily pages, so I would prefer something without rings. I love my Paperchase journal but I need a little more versatility, and I got sick of writing the same titles everyday. I have repurposed the Everyday Journal and it’s now going to be used as a learning notebook, to take notes on the books and videos I’m learning from.

I’m quite proud of these pages! They contain everything I need to record my day with minimal fuss and re writing. The left side is for info and the right side is free journaling space.

6 7
Well I think that’s everything! It’s been a month since I started this project and now I finally feel organised with it and like I have everything I need to continue with it in a more organised fashion!

The Ordning Och Reda is doing a fantastic job of organising my notes, to do’s and indexing my other tools, and I hope that my new daily pages will mean that I can really start to see my progress on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my posts! 😉

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