Post No. 3 for The Crafty Project

Hi All! Michelle is back today with her third post for The Crafty Project. If you need to catch up, you can read Part 1 and Part 2.

So, I am back again with the third post of The Crafty Project.  Today I am focusing on the Life part of my Filo.  I was so excited for this section, I had so many ideas but honestly, now that it’s made I’m not sold on a lot of it.  I would not be surprised if I find myself tweaking some of this over time, or completely changing it even.  Time will tell…

The life section is represented by the black dividers that Janet sent me with my filo.  The reason why I chose the black for the life section, is I love the labeling on these black ones.  I am horrible at foreign languages and I have not googled what these words mean, but I love my use of them, and that is what counts.

This is a typical day in my life when I am trying to do something productive.  One of my kitties needs to always be the center of attention.  The only way I was going to get any photo’s taken if I moved my filo to another part of the table.

Anyway, onto business.   First up is the tab labeled KALENDER, which I’m pretty confident is Calendar.  Behind that you will find my Month on a Page calendar, which is the same as the one I used in my Craft section. Along with a week on 2 pages which I created myself.  I have my today ruler marking the page for the WO2P.  

The Month on a Page I am keeping simple for an at a glance look.  Using my colour coding dots for things I want to keep track off.  Keeping a track of the coke drinking is because I really want to cut down on it, but having virtually completely cut out coffee 2-3 months ago (I have had a total of three since I cut it out) I am really struggling to cut out my last real guilty pleasure.  The junk tracking is just for interest, I am almost certain I know when I reach for rubbish, this is just to confirm my suspicions.  I suspect I will track it for a few months, and then stop.

Really, there is nothing much to say about these. I kept these clean and simple, although I think I might look at adding a small little calendar before I print November.

The next tab is labeled Info and in that I plan to keep important information, namely passwords.  Well, hints to passwords anyway.  It just has my lined washi paper, which you  have already seen twice, so no pic this week for that.

The next tab, is labeled PRIVAT, which I consider Private and what more private than that of my budget and spending habits?!?! 😀

On the back of the PRIVAT tab I currently have stuck two post it’s for financial routines I want to follow.  I blurred most of the information out of the budget section for obvious reasons, and used a little post it note to try and calculate how much I need to budget for the cats a week.  I really must dig out some records and finish that off.

I then have two A-Z tabs for the sub sections of Spending and Accounts.  

My spending page is landscape, the only page I have actually made landscape.  I have kept it simple and just included things that I have expenses for virtually weekly. Everything else will fall into the accounts section.

All my inserts in the accounts section are the same, just with a different heading, so only a sample picture of one in this post.  The whole idea of this section is that I obviously try and follow the budget I created and record my spending on my spending pages and then every Sunday night I will calculate out my spendings and move the leftover to relevant accounts.  I will also move the funds to relevant accounts for the items not on the spending page but makeup part of the budget.

Next up is a tab labeled 1.  This divider includes 2 more A-Z tabs, labeled menu and shopping.  Shopping just has lined paper in it.  I did not feel the need to do anything fancy, but I am actually thinking about it now.  

The menu section has custom inserts in it.  I included a notes section because I did not like the look of the uneven seven squares.  Unlike most people, I have not done the whole Monday-Sunday headings as I don’t really feel the need to plan what day’s I will eat the food.  I would rather pick what I want the day before I make it.  For me, this is all about trying to be cost effective and making sure I use all the fresh food I buy.

This is a little experiment for me, which finds itself in tab 2. I am going to try and keep a bit of a freezer inventory so I know at a glance what I have in stock.  It won’t be for everything in it, just the main things I freeze.  I pre-typed the most common things I freeze, even if I have never frozen beef stock.  If it works I might also look at doing a pantry one.

Tab 3 is something I was including, then wasn’t including for fear of redundancy and then I was including.  I believe it does have a home in my filo and it is the List It section.  For all the lists that do not fit in any of the other sections, like places to go when I visit the USA (pipe dream.)  It is also where I stash my To Do Lists.

Well, this is it for my life section.  Next up, we will see how I cover this little baby.

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