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Hello readers! Paula is back today with her second post for The Diet Project. You can find post 1 HERE.

Hi everyone, here we are at the beginning of the third week of my diet and it’s time to give you an update on the project. At the beginning of the week everything was starting to come together with my diet and I really believed that I would have a good weight loss but unfortunately that hasn’t happened.  Although I’m despondent I felt I needed to be honest with you so therefore I’ve written about how I was feeling in the Notes section of my Amazona.  Below you can read what I’ve actually written.

1 An Uphill Stuggle.jpg
I’ve been using my diary pages to keep track of things that can have a negative effect on my diet.  That said I’ve also used it to make notes about when I have good days as well.

2 My Diary.jpg
I’ve tried to be as rigid as possible with my diet but I was led astray last Friday by the lovely buffet at the Filofax offices in Burgess Hill where one of the Philofaxy Meetups was held.  I also succumbed to pasta at the London Meetup at Vapiano but drank only water.  Plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables have been included in my diet over the week to replace carbohydrates.  

3 Meal Planner & Food Diary.jpg
My Amazona has some wear and tear along the edges but you have to expect that with a Filofax that’s been well loved.  What I did this week was cover up some of the wear and tear lightly with a black permanent marker.  Before the ink had time to dry I rubbed my finger over it giving the cover up a more natural look.

4 Amazona Wear & Tear Cover Up.jpg
This week I made the Amazona a healthy looking page marker.  I’m not saying it will make me more motivated but I like to think it looks good amongst my organiser pages.

5 Healthier Diet Page Marker.jpg
Hopefully next week I won’t get tempted by too much unhealthy food. Next Thursday is my birthday which can often lead to the temptation of yummy things.  Also next Monday I am meeting up with a friend who I haven’t seen for 26 years but hopefully again if I have something to eat I won’t  get too carried away.  I’m remaining positive and hope that I will be able to reveal a good weight loss in my next post.  

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  1. Hi Janet-
    I commend your efforts in getting healthy and I’m right there with you. I did notice however, that although your food choices are healthy, you still have too much sugar in your diet with the fruit that you’re eating. Remove the fruit for at least a week- 2 weeks if you can and you should begin to see a difference. Although fruit is healthy, i too had to learn the hard way that it sabbotages my weight loss efforts. Get to where you want to be then slowly intergrate it back in. But if you see those numbers on the scale stop moving or inching upward, remove them again. I hope this helps – good luck!

    1. Unfortunately if I remove the fruit it will be replaced by even unhealthier options. Because of numerous health problems I find my appetite is far greater than I would like it to be. If I remove the fruit I will revert back to eating food that is totally unsuitable because I have to snack on something. Perhaps I should consider abandoning the diet as there are aspects of it which appear to be inflexible at this time.

  2. Good luck Paula!! You have put a lot of effort into making your filofax look good so it’s only fair that you pay yourself the same attention! I find it’s really so much harder to eat healthy than it is to eat junk ready made food and for me, who hates being in the kitchen and with absolutely no food creativity, it is virtually impossible.

    This is a very inspiring post and I am going to give it a try myself, so thank you for the motivation xxx

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Sam for your comments. Eating more healthily is so hard especially when the motivation is flagging. I so hope that I can continue with the diet but I do have my reservations if I’m honest.

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