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Hello! Today Joseph is introducing his Teaching Project, which he will be carrying out in a beautiful A5 Grey Malden. Here’s Joseph:

Hello, fellow Filofax fanatics!  As a recipient of one of Janet Carr’s donated Filofax planners, I will be guest blogging over the next five weeks about how I am going to use my gifted A5 Grey Malden to create the Teaching Binder.  The post this week will allow you to get to know me and my Teaching Binder Project a little better.

I am 49 years old and I live in Somerset, Kentucky.  I am pretty sure that my stork flew in the wrong direction because I have always felt that I should have been born in England, Scotland, Wales, or Ireland; I am both an Anglophile and a Royalist.  I am married to the love of my life, as well as my best friend, and we have one son (Andrew), a Bengal cat (India Jewel), a Shih Tzu (Isabella), and a Yorkshire terrier (Ozzy).

My life passions include spending time with my Beloved, books, reading, poetry, classical literature, fantasy fiction, science fiction, contemporary fiction, cozy mysteries, historical fiction, BookTubia, writing, journaling, blogging (, fountain pens, handmade inks, stationery, Filofax planners, tea (Twinings’ English Breakfast Tea, Irish Breakfast Tea, and Scottish Breakfast Tea), cooking, photography, cookbooks, social media, iPads, technology, bookstores, man purses (Saddleback Leather Company, Timbuk2, Rickshaw Bagworks, Tom Bihn), handwritten correspondence, and movies.

I have used many planners within my life, but I discovered Filofax in March 2012 and have been addicted since then.  In total, I have purchased 6 Filofax planners and been gifted one by Janet Carr.  These Filofax planners include the following:
    •    A5 Black Cuban – This was my first Filofax purchase and I loved it.  After using it for seven months, it developed ring issues and I returned it for replacement. The Cuban was no longer in production so it was replaced by an A5 Ochre Malden, which I gifted to a FiloRAK member.
    •    Personal Purple Malden – This was purchased as a gift for my Beloved.
    •    Personal Kingfisher Blue Metropol – Purchased as a gift for my niece.
    •    Personal Brown Holborn – Gifted to my sister when she passed her Physical Therapy Assistant Boards.
    •    A5 Brown Chameleon – This is my everyday carry.
    •    Personal Brown Chameleon – This is used as my wallet.

I have been richly affected by #ChameleonLove and cannot envision using anything else for my EDC; however there are a few Filofax planners which I need to complete my collection.  I would like an A5 Brown Holborn to use as a SpiritualFilo and a Personal Ochre Malden to use as a ReadingFilo.  In March 2012, I started out as a staunch supporter of One Life One Filo but I quickly realized that I could use multiple Filofax planners for various purposes.
When Janet Carr announced her project binder giveaway, I submitted the following proposal to her.  

“As an educator, not only do I expend my day teaching mathematics and writing to transitional education students at Somerset Community College, but also on time management tasks and student management tasks, as well.  Whereas, I am always prepared to present new and exciting lessons, I find that, on occasion, I fail miserably on elements dealing with time management and student management.

Yesterday, 19 August, the fall term began and I am already behind on syllabi, attendance records, class rosters, assignments, lesson plans,  and other types of paperwork that help me to manage my classroom.    Knowing full well the benefits of using a Filofax planner, I would like to enter the drawing for the A5 Grey Malden to create a binder-based project that would not only manage my classroom but serve as an inspiration and resource to other educators, as well.  In my proposed project, I will use the A5 Grey Malden to create a teacher resource binder which will have downloadable, teacher-specific dividers as well as handmade, downloadable forms which could be used by any educator who wishes to replicate my project.”

I was very happy to have been selected to participate in this binder project and thankful to Janet Carr for her generosity.  Following is my publication schedule:
    •    Post #2:  Receiving the Green Package
    •    Post #3:  The Teaching Binder Setup
    •    Post #4:  Teaching Binder Inserts
    •    Post #5:  Teaching Binder Resources for Educators

Once again I would like to thank Janet Carr for her generous donation of an A5 Grey Malden, as well as Jordan Powers for coordinating the project.

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