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Hello! I’m excited to introduce Katie, who will be using a pocket Mode to plan an expedition for her Wildlife and Media program at University. Here’s Katie!

Hello! My name is Katie and I will be documenting my travel planning, with the help of the Pocket Mode that I received! I’m currently studying Wildlife and Media at University, and this year I have an ‘Expedition Planning’ module. I have to create my own expedition (well, in a group!) and plan all the travel, accommodation, funding and subject matter as part of my work. I will be using this project to get my travel planning underway, so let’s get to it!

The pocket Mode is a lovely little binder! I have never used a pocket before, so I was looking forward to getting it. The colour is a vibrant red, with a grey rubber band to keep it closed. The Mode feels a little plasticky, but it isn’t a horrible feel! I really like it. I think this binder will work well for my expedition, as I will be taking it with me on the trip and I believe it will hold up pretty well. I’m sure it could take a bit of battering without breaking or getting ruined! I got plenty of different papers in the Filofax, as well as a diary, wallet, ruler and some dividers.

So, opening it up, you see four business card holders and one full length pocket in the cover. The back also has a full length pocket – handy for stashing loose papers! You can see my tabs in the above photo, some writing more visible that others. (I should have thought about that!)
My first tab is ‘Places’. This currently contains the world map that I received with the Filofax, and some notepaper. In here I will be jotting down notes about the places that we discover and may want to visit, in order to get a good sample of ideas.
The next tab is ‘Video Planning’ and this is where I will plan the actual project. We are planning an expedition, but the end result of that is to create a film about the place or something in particular when we are there. This section will be constantly updated with random ideas, and I will probably still be using it when we’re there!
After that I have my ‘Travel’ section, and this is where I will organise our flights/train/bus journeys etc.
Next up is ‘Accommodation’. We are likely planning a two week expedition, and we won’t be staying in just one place. This section will allow me to note down different hotels/camp sites/hostels etc so we can find places easily! I also have some contact pages in here. (Can be seen in the next photo!)
The ‘Important’ section is there to hold all our important information. Emergency contacts, passport details and things like that – always a good thing to have written down!
My last section is ‘Itinery’ and this will only be used nearer to the time, and whilst we are there. It holds a timetable, and also diary pages for that time period. Here I can just note down what we have planned on each day so it’s easy to see at a glance. This makes it easier to remember any reservations that we make!

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