Post No. 3 for The Management Project

Hi everyone! I’m back today with my third post for The Management Project! You can read post one HERE and post two HERE.

The Siena is as beautiful as ever. And it’s definitely keeping me on track of The Filofax Project and my job search. Not much has changed with my use of the monthly pages – I’m still using the color coding system to keep up on the date I receive posts and the date I get them posted. This photo was taken a while ago – I’ve definitely received and posted more projects since then!


Since my last post I did make one addition to my A – Z “mobile file cabinet” Under “J” I’ve started a section on jobs I’ve applied for. I realized that I was getting confused since I’ve applied for more than one position at the same employer. The first page in the section is a quick list of all of the jobs I’m interested in at one place. In this section I just keep essential details – job title, requisition ID, department, one line description, and salary info. I am highlighting the jobs as I apply for them.

wku jobs copy

Behind that, I have a detailed note page on each position I’ve applied for. I love the note pages Janet included in the binder – the header box makes it easy to flip back and forth! The detailed note pages mainly have information that I want to include in the cover letter and details about the job aspects that correlate with my strengths.

job copy
Hopefully all of this organization leads to a full time job – and soon! I don’t know how much longer I can last waiting tables!

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