Post No. 2 for The Family Project

Hi Lovely Readers! Today, Tammy is back with her second post for The Family Project. And this time around, she’s brought along her pretty adorable children!

WARNING: Due to the graphic nature of one of the following photos, those with high standards and/or perfect children may want to avert their eyes……no planners were harmed (much) in the making of this post*

After two weeks of classes, and two weeks of inconvenient photo copied and whited out pages from last year’s, Madeline’s planner finally arrived. Meet the planner pupils (from L to R): Celia, Vivian, Madeline

Truth be told I was much more excited about it than she. It’s actually not a bad planner. It’s standard notebook size (8.5×11) and the format is WO2P, vertical. Myself, I looove a vertical layout and will probably be printing some for myself, but I want to give the horizontal WO2P a real go. I digress.

Lots of real estate, and each class (on the left) has it’s own space. There is a lovely area at the top for notes, and extra boxes on the bottom as well. The very last box is a hall pass and must have a teacher’s signature if the student is anywhere except class; this means they are required to carry the planner always.


At. All. Times.

Yes, even to the loo.

This is fantastic because then the habit is instilled and I don’t have to constantly remind the hormone-riddled pubescent to take her planner (like I have to do with her phone – I know, right? A tween who doesn’t have her phone surgically implanted in her hand? Miracles are real. I Believe.) and endure ‘the look’. Anyway, inside there are schedules,  school policies, guidelines for conduct, guidelines for success, phone numbers and the like.

There are also scoring guides and standards for (different types of) speaking and writing projects.

I especially like this because the expectations are laid out in black and white. If you want that 4, this is what is required. There are also math and science formulas bound in. Genius.

Madeline’s favorite section? No big surprise here, the school calendar on the back cover.

It has all the holiday, no school, and ½ days marked.

Take a deep breath… *this is what a week looks like filled out:

Le sigh. She inherited her father’s handwriting gene. Moving on quickly.

So far, the teachers have been telling them what to write down, and my brain finds some of it confusing – although Madeline’s, thankfully, does not. For instance, they will reference a project and it’s due date on the day it is given, but not mark it in on the date due. Madeline is resistant to my suggestion of doing this because ‘the teacher didn’t tell us to, and they have been doing this for years Mom.’ Oh. Ok.

Maybe the whole “co-teaching planner 101” thing is a double edged sword.

Next week: the highlighting wars. TTFN!

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