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Can I just start this post of with how much I love Tammy’s handwriting? Maybe almost as much as I love that she is using her new Personal Aston to teach her daughters good organizational skills! So, here’s Tammy:

Welcome to the family planning project. No, not that kind of planning! My project, or I should say, our project is to induct my three girls into the world of planning and scheduling.

This year, my oldest, Madeline (12) has started middle school (7th grade). She is required (yay!) to use a school specific (boo) planner these next two years. The planners are integrated into every teacher’s curriculum  and they make sure the kids write down practically everything in them. This is good because parents can look at it every day and help their student stay on top of assignments – I mean how many times have we all heard “I forgot but I have this 3 million word essay due tomorrow”? It is also good because it gets the kids in the habit of writing everything down and taking ownership of their time management.

For me, this was a light bulb moment. Why wait until my 9 year old twins, Vivian and Celia (yes, three girls here….I will be accepting sympathy and sad, knowing nods of the head in a few years) are in middle school to implement what is an essential life skill. Secretly, I was excited for me too. You see, I had strayed from my first love of paper and pen to the world of electronic planning. For me, it was handy; not only because I always have my phone and can easily put new things in the schedule, but because my phone syncs automatically with my computer. It really is fantastic.

If you actually consult the calendar on the phone.

Or on the computer.

Anyway, I had visions of the 4 of us sitting around for a few minutes every night going over our days so I got Vivi and Celia some pretty acceptable spiral planners at the dollar store

1 2
and myself a spiral academic planner at the office store.

Then in comes the Planner Project (I was thrilled to be picked but secretly I’m a bit terrified) and this gorgeous Chocolate Aston donated by Gail (Thanks Gail!).

The plan is to take it everywhere, so to that end, it will function as my wallet as well as my brain.

In the front I have the most important cards (yes, Starbucks cards are important!) and some cash. I am using the little zippy pocket for coupons because I am forever forgetting them and if I have them next to my payment methods I’ll see them and, well, use them! Behind the zippy pocket is the dashboard and a whole bunch of notepaper (thanks for the pretty colors Gail!) The reasoning for the paper’s placement is two fold: 1) super easy to write and see notes, lists, etc. with the paper up front and 2) I needed something to even out the topography created by the cards when I’m writing in the diary on the left….which just happens to be the next section.

The Aston (I’m noodling with the name ‘Martin’ or maybe ‘Sean’ what do you think?) came with the cotton cream WO2P so that is what I’m using right now.

Next we have projects which currently only contains notes and information regarding our family planning project.  I foresee this section being used for craft, house, and work projects (if I get the job I am currently applying for). Last we have the information tab. I’m using this section as my ‘filing cabinet’.

Here I keep my personal information, reference material, ongoing lists like books to read (under b) movies to watch (under m), etc. Finally, the zippered pocket in the back? Only holding stamps and calling cards.

That’s where we’re at so far. Next week, meet the girls and see how our first of scheduling is going!

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  1. I love that pretty academic planner that you found. There are so many great bits and pieces of stationery out there nowadays and available so cheaply. No wonder some of us *cough*me*cough* are tempted to hoarde them!

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