Additional Participiants for The Filofax Project!

We were thrilled to find that so many of you were interested in The Filofax Project that you started asking us if you could participate in your own binder! Since the deadline to participate ended yesterday (at least for round 1) I am excited to share that we have four participants in addition to the 17 participants who received a binder for the project. You can read all about the original 17 HERE.

In addition to those wonderful participants, we also have:

Belen, who will be using a Personal Domino for The Start Up Project, which will chronicle the process of starting up a new business.

Cori, who will be using an A5 Finsbury for The Career Project, serving as a career journal and goals management tracker.

Joseph, who will be using an A5 Chameleon for The Spiritual Project. Joseph is also participating with The Teacher Project – he will be busy!

Clara, who will be using an A5 Malden for The Design Project, where she will create her own custom artwork inserts.

How exciting is that?! For now, we will be capping the participation at these 21 folks – but if you didn’t get to participate this time, we’re already hoping to set up a round two!

Remember, if you are receiving a binder, you MUST email me at thecrazylifeofj[at]gmail[dot]com as soon as you receive it. From there, we will work out your posting schedule. The first post you write should contain details on your project and the initial set up you will have in the binder. From there, you will have three posts due about two weeks apart, detailing your progress and things you’ve learned using the system. A final post will share your project results and how you plan to move forward! This is a big commitment which will span the next two or so months – if for whatever reason you’ve realized you cannot participate, please email me ASAP so that your binder can be reallocated!

Thank you all so much for your interest in The Filofax Project and all the sub projects that have been established – the next few months are going to be very exciting!

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