The LBD of Filofaxes?

I am sitting doing the most complicated layout of materials I have done in a long time. Each one has to have certain words different from the others but the files had to have the same name. I was working across Pages (Mac), Word (PC) and Adobe (for upload and printing). The phone kept ringing and I felt like I was going to scream because I kept forgetting which file had which special words in it and they all look the same and have the same name.

Then I looked at my Red Lizard Personal Filofax and realised it went with everything. Like the little black dress of Filofaxes. Here it is photographed with the Smythson manuscript books I am using to work with these three different projects.


Which is your favourite colour combination?

1 2 3

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8 replies

  1. I like them all, but the second is my favourite!


  2. number 2 for me…..i am a lover of red and turquoise together!


  3. Oops! Just re read your post and saw it said red, so red and blue for sure. Must be my screen which makes it look pink


  4. I’d say the second picture with the third one being a very close runner up 😉


  5. Second combination for me — I like how it pops. I love putting different filos together to see how their colors meld.


  6. The third one definitely


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