A5 Aqua Malden Part 2

I previously wrote about my A5 Aqua Malden here  – unfortunately when I had time to put my glasses on and look at it, I discovered badly gappy rings. Filofax UK were brilliant about it. I returned it for refund or replacement, decided on a replacement and once they had received the gappy one, my new one was with me within 24 hours. Here it is. Perfect rings and lovely degree of non-wrinkliness.

As anyone who has one of these can attest, they are extremely difficult to photograph. Nothing seems to capture the colour perfectly. When I managed to get the colour almost okay, the camera magnified features of the leather to make them look like marks. Very strange.

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This was how it was packed within the padded envelope. I still wish they had boxes or sleeves but this is better than nothing. Thin cardboard


I loved that the sheet was still in there as it shows it is virgin, untouched, totally new!



Shown in a different light. The texture of this one is glorious


This is to be used to keep all my client records and notes. Will come back with the setup once I have time.

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